About Shouan


SHOUAN the family home of the innkeeper, built around 120 years ago, was restored as a Machiya with its original tsushinikai architectural design .Kyoto Machiya are one of Kyoto’s cultural treasures, but there are fewer and fewer remaining each year. In recent years, many people have finally recognized the importance of maintaining and passing down these homes. The exterior features of Shouan include mushikomado (ultrafine lattice windows) on the second story, as well as a passageway through the house with a hibukuro (atrium) overhead. Because Shouan was refurbished for use as an inn, we no longer have the traditional sink or stove. However, the Oku-no-ma room on the first floor faces our inner garden, where we have cultivated plums, camellias, and hydrangeas. Choose a calm and nice place to stay during your visit to the ancient capital!